March 31, 2007, 8:05 pm
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SportsPastor – What is Sports Outreach?

I am not talking about church recreation. As fascinating as that might be, I am interested in churches and parachurch ministries that are reaching out to those in their community, through sports. At its roots it is relational evangelism. In other words, unchurched and non-christians would rather know that you are normal and that you care before they care to hear what your pastor might say on a Sunday morning. Sports are a non-threatening relational means for people in your community to check out your church. This could mean a friend from work joins the Men’s Softball League Team with you. This could mean that youth attend a sports camp or clinic that is associated with a church just to gather information to form a first impression. Pastors should realize that sports are one of the most relational and relevant entry points into your church by an unbeliever. We should make the most of every opportunity (Colossians 4:5-6) because the (sports) fields are ripe for harvest.

SportsPastor – Welcome to the Blogosphere!

I must admit that I have a love for learning and applying what I learn in creative ways. When certain topics grab my limited attention span, I cannot help myself from going on a shopping spree to find every book that I can that is relevant to the subject. The latest topic that has grabbed my attention is blogging. From paragraph one in the first book until today my heart and mind have searched to find a place to spend late nights adding my posts to the blogosphere. The most significant advice I read was, in a word or two, “blog who you are”. I am a sports pastor. Mission Accomplished – Niche Located – You May Proceed – SportsPastor – Welcome to the Blogosphere!