Christians in Sports – Tony Dungy

Sports Illustrated has hit a home run in their latest magazine issue. Pick up the April 30, 2007 NFL DRAFT PREVIEW issue and read “Life of Reilly” (last page). It is a story of how Tony Dungy continues to allow God to use him in powerful ways! Also, there is a great article on future NFL superstar, Adrian Peterson. Don’t miss this issue!


Does Anyone Believe in Absolute Truth?

Belief in absolute truth is declining at speed of light. The latest research shows that moral relativism follows a generational progression. Only twenty-two percent* of adults believe that there is such a thing as absolute truth. They believe that moral truth depends on circumstances; that it is relative to each situation. The shocking statistical award; however, belongs to American youth. Believe it or not, only six percent* of teenagers believe in absolute truth.

So what does this mean for the church today? First of all, we must accept the fact that the modern church has had such a narrow focus on only what a person believes and how they behave for so long that they have become irrelevant. Star Trek is out and Starbucks is in. People are in search of a place to belong (and caffeine). The current postmodern matrix begs for a relational methodology. We need to change our methods in order to reach a changing culture with the unchanging truth of God’s love and grace.

Allow me to offer a few practical suggestions for those who feel challenged by the statements above. As a church, begin to look for ways to create community. Put yourself in a first time visitor’s shoes and think through the various entry points into your church. If Sunday morning is the only place for a visitor to check out your church, then get moving! Plan an event specifically for the purpose of outreach to unchurched families in your area (maybe a sports outreach event). Make it clear to your church that this event is a chance for them to invite their unchurched friends, neighbors, and colleagues to a church sponsored event.

Provide a chance for a person to belong to your group first, so that you gain credibility and an opportunity to share about what you believe and how that has changed your life (how you behave). Belong, Believe, and Behave; in that order, will absolutely reach a generation that is drowning in a sea of moral relativism.

*Stats from Barna Research Group

Worth Reading — Barna, Driscoll, and Stetzer

Here are my selections for reading during the month of May…what are yours?

Revolution: Finding Vibrant Faith Beyond the Walls of the Sanctuary
by George Barna

Confessions of a Reformission Rev: Hard Lessons from Emerging Missional Church
by Mark Driscoll

Planting New Churches in a Postmodern Age
by Ed Stetzer

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Internet Evangelism Day
April 23, 2007, 9:15 pm
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Internet Evangelism Day is on Sunday, April 29th!
Be sure and read all about this upcoming event at the link above…
Internet Evangelism Day(click on the poster to see a larger image)

CoachDeck Baseball Drills Cards
April 21, 2007, 1:23 pm
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Here is another baseball coaching product that I came across online today. This is another resource you can use to make your youth baseball season the best ever:

CoachDeck – BaseballCoachDeck
The first-ever, instructional deck of cards created to assist the millions of hard-working youth sports volunteers and parents who would like to help players learn important skills and fundamentals though fun drills and games. The drills in CoachDeck can be performed by players from 6-16 and are laid out in a fast, easy-to-understand format that allows you to conduct an extremely effective practice or clinic. Shuffle through 52 color-coded drills that teach valuable fundamentals, designed by coaches for coaches.

Quality Coaching Baseball Website
April 20, 2007, 9:45 pm
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Check out this great website I came across today…if you are a youth baseball coach and want to make the most of your season this is a can’t miss:

Quality Coaching Baseball provides baseball instruction, baseball drills, coaching philosophy, and other information for youth baseball coaches, players, and parents who want to learn more about playing and coaching baseball.

A-Rod Wooing Fickle Fans
April 20, 2007, 3:38 pm
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Alex Rodriguez is making a habit this season of being the likable hero. He did it again yesterday with a three-run walk-off home-run that gave the Yankees an 8-6 victory to complete a sweep of the Cleveland Indians. A-Rod has 10 home-runs on the season to go with another league leading total – 26 RBIs. Wow!

Question: Are you happy for A-Rod? I am.
Question: Do you think the fans will turn on him in a heartbeat? I do.