“If these walls could talk” they would say that the AFL (Arena Football League) is not enough to satisfy NFL fans until August. I am definitely looking forward to Monday Night Football this fall. In fact, Ron Jaworski will join Mike Tirico and Tony Kornheiser on the ESPN telecast. Jaworski replaces Joe Theismann, who has been offered a football analyst job with the network. Jaws is a regular guest on PTI and will be a perfect compliment to Kornheiser in the MNF booth.

And what do we get to see? The schedule has already been released…check it out:
9/10: Ravens at Bengals
(Is it better to have a good offense or defense?)
9/10: Cardinals at 49ers
(Did Leinart stay at USC one more year to avoid being a 49er?)
9/17: Redskins at Eagles
(NFC East games rule!)
9/24: Titans at Saints
(Vince Young vs. Reggie Bush)
10/1: Patriots at Bengals
(Two of my three favorite teams…and the other is NOT Dallas!)
10/8: Cowboys at Bills
(“No one circles the wagons…” vs “no one circles the media…”)
10/15: Giants at Falcons
(This one will be a “dog fight!” – you can bet the house!)
10/22: Colts at Jaguars
(The other favorite team…a classy bunch of guys)
10/29: Packers at Broncos
(Brett Favre is the best quarterback in Denver, too.)
11/5: Ravens at Steelers
(Steelers 75th Anniversary…don’t miss this one)
11/12: 49ers at Seahawks
(Why are the 49ers on MNF twice?)
11/19: Titans at Broncos
(Vince Young vs. Jay Cutler…yes I love the 2006 draft class)
11/26: Dolphins at Steelers
(Joey Porter returns to Pittsburgh)
12/3: Patriots at Ravens
(Tom Brady and Randy Moss…let the Fantasy Football draft begin!)
12/10: Saints at Falcons
(Reggie Bush likes the bright lights of MNF…this will be fun!)
12/17: Bears at Vikings
(Urlacher, the best defensive player makes a MNF appearance)
12/24: Broncos at Chargers
(LT, the best offensive player makes a MNF appearance)

Yes, I am already ready for NFL football in May!
Blame it on the AFL! Blame it on the NFL Draft!
Blame it on the Mavericks losing in the first round!


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