Ed Young and a Sports Themed Sermon
June 3, 2007, 6:03 pm
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I came across this must hear sermon from Ed Young at Fellowship Church, Grapevine called, “Beyond the Bleachers”. If you slept in this morning or need an extra dose of input this week take a listen to Ed’s thoughts on the necessity of involvement in the local church. Anytime that a pastor uses sports as a means of communicating God’s Word, I cannot help but get excited!

Here is the sermon preview from the Creative Pastors Blog:

Playing any sport effectively takes more than a fancy playbook or complex game plan; it takes more than a good theory or well thought-out hypothesis. To play effectively, you need players who are willing to get in the middle of the action and play. The same is true when it comes to the Christian life. God never called us to sit in the bleachers and merely observe the action.

In Matthew 28:19 Jesus commanded his followers to “Go…” In other words Jesus was saying, “Get out of the stands and play the game.” And in this message, Ed Young challenges and encourages us to discover the power and fulfillment that come when we decide to live beyond the bleachers.

You can listen to the sermon on their website or you can download it from iTunes


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