Clicks or Cliques?

Cliques begin at a young age. It seems like they really begin taking shape as young people begin to specialize their interests, usually in middle school. Some choose choir and drama, others academics, others band, others sports, and some choose a combination of some of the above and some I failed to mention. I vividly remember the drop off process when people would gather and talk before the school day began. I remember the different groups of people who would stand in their various circles only validating the stereotypes that had already been created generations before. There were always a few people that stood on the outside of the conversation circles trying to be associated with crowd they deemed “cool”.

I say all of this to convict those that now do the same with charismatic church leaders and popular Christian bloggers. I hear stories of how Sam wanted to track down Tony at the latest church conference to meet him and invite him to breakfast. It is one thing to network, but it is another to be what I am now officially labeling a “blogger stalker”. I built the blogroll at SportsPastor based upon bloggers I like to read, not of people with which I hope to enter social circles. Remember that these people should serve as leadership resources and inspiration for you, but not be the object of your adoration. Visit their sites and give them clicks, but don’t desire to be in their cliques.


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