“Who’s Not” Winner: Terrell Owens
July 6, 2007, 12:44 pm
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who’s not
I have been so inspired by ESPN’s “Who’s Now” contest that I have decided to post my own variation of the popular contest. My version is called “Who’s Not”, a post in which I with the help of some friends will rank the ultimate sports prima donnas by considering both on-field busts and off-field distractions. What will all of these athletes have in common? They lack character. It has been said that a person’s talent and abilities can take a person farther than their character can sustain them and that is the case for the winners of SportsPastor’s “Who’s Not” Awards. Please take these as tongue in cheek and also visit the real contest at “Who’s Now.” Be thankful that ESPN has created a contest to tide us over until preseason football begins. With no further ado, here are the brackets and winners:

Bobby Knight Bracket (people who throw stuff):
Milwaukee Braves Skipper vs. MLB Pitcher Kenny Rogers

Dennis Rodman Bracket (NBA Technical Fouls):
Rasheed Wallace vs. Ron Artest

Mike Tyson Bracket (Only Playing Because I am Broke):
Ricky Williams vs. Marion Jones

Jose Canseco Bracket (Substance Abuse or Amazing Feats of Strength):
Barry Bonds vs. Jason Giambi

Latrell Spreewell Bracket (There is no I in TEAM):
Terrell Owens vs. Randy Moss

Pete Rose Bracket (You can “bet” on the gap between talk and walk):
Pac Man Jones vs. Michael Vick

Bill Lambier Bracket (These athletes are often called dirty players):
Bruce Bowen vs. Todd Bertuzzi

Tonya Harding Bracket (These athletes are often called cheaters):
Floyd Landis vs. Tony Stewart

Final Four
Todd Bertuzzi vs. Pac Man Jones
Terrell Owens vs. Ron Artest


Pac Man Jones vs. Terrell Owens

“Who’s Not” Winner
Terrell Owens


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Steroids effect all these people.

Heavy doses.

Comment by Bill Walsh

[…] Dig deeper into the topic here […]

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